School Uniforms

Holy Trinity Academy Uniforms

Having school uniforms leads to a greater sense of community and unity within the school. Uniforms reinforce the idea that all students are equal, despite a diversity of races, economic status and cultural backgrounds. With uniforms, students are less likely to form cliques or engage in bullying others for not being up on the latest fashion.

Students are to wear uniforms at all times while at school unless otherwise directed.

Approved Uniforms

  • Red, White, or Navy Blue Polo Shirts with embroidered with HTA Insignia.
  • Navy, Khaki, or Black pants/shorts, worn with a belt
  • No Cargo/Painter pants/shorts will be allowed.
  • Khaki, Navy Blue or HTA plaid skirts/skorts, pleated or gored, worn with a white blouse or polo shirt.
  • HTA Plaid or Navy Jumpers, worn with a white blouse.
  • On cold days, a solid colored sweater (buttons front or HTA fleece jackets) may be warn.
  • Official HTA red or navy fleece jackets may be purchased through Tumbleweed Embroidery.

It is HTA's desire that school uniforms appear "uniform" in nature. 

If you have questions about acceptable uniform styles or colors please call the school at 719-846-4522 before you shop for uniforms.

Uniform polo shirts with embroidered emblems can be ordered from Tumbleweed Embroidery here in Trinidad. They will also embroider our emblem on a polo shirts that you have purchased elsewhere. Their phone number is 719-846-7822.

We have some used uniforms at the school that are available for a nominal price.

Please see the "Dress and Grooming" section in the Holy Trinity Academy Student Handbook for items excluded from the dress code.